Using Git stash

I started using Git recently and I have to say I’m really impressed. Today I want to write about one of its features: Git stash.

Git stash is a “place” where you can store files temporarily before¬†committing¬†them to your repository. Imagine you are working on a branch, called “my-new-super-awesome-feature”. Unluckily, while you are in the middle of the development process, you have to start working on a critical issue on your application. What should you do with all changes you have made before switching the branch?

Of course, you can commit to your feature branch and then switch to the branch where you are going to fix the bug, but there is cleaner solution: stash your changes. Using this feature you could save all changes you had made on your working directory by executing:

git stash save "Current status of my new super awesome feature #WIP"

That command returns your working directory to the state it was after your latest commit, so you can do any action in a clean working directory. You can list all your stashed changes by using:

git stash list

Yes, you have read right. You can store more than one stash of changes!

Once you are ready to work again on your new awesome feature, you can pop or apply your stash to the working directory executing:

git stash pop <stash_id>

You can also throw your changes away with:

git stash drop <stash_id>

If you want to learn more about this nice feature, you can do it by typing git help stash in your terminal.



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